Small Business Summit 2011 & International Women’s Day

Some of the #sbbuzz bees are in NYC today for the annual Small Business Summit hosted by Ramon Ray (@ramonray) and Marion Banker. It is the best small business technology focused conference of the year, and the event that we launched the #sbbuzz Twitter chat at 2 years ago. And it’s not too late to join in the action remotely!

This year I have been invited to join a panel discussion on the topic of exponential growth. I went to the speakers dinner last night and the very posh Delmonico’s restaurant and had the opportunity to talk with a number of event sponsors and other event speakers. It is an exciting and impressive group that will be speaking today. I’ll report back some of the more interesting points.

As I was heading to bed last night, I read through my blog reader and discovered another exciting event happening just a few blocks away (this is NYC!). Google is hosting a series of “bridge events” around the world today to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. Here in New York a group of women will be marching across the Brooklyn Bridge into the Manhattan and celebrating at a festival City Hall Park.

And since I am the multi-tasking female CEO of an exponentially growing technology company, I figured I had to hit both events. Pictures and blog posts to come.

Pamela O’Hara
Co-founder, SBBuzz

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sbbuzz 2 Year Reunion Chat Transcript 2/8/2011

The sbbuzz community celebrated the 2 year anniversary of sbbuzz with, what else? A twitter chat!

sbbuzz: Welcome to 2nd annual reunion episode of #sbbuzz, a small biz Tweetchat for the next 2 hours. Join us!
sbbuzz: Rules: 1)NO pitching till end 2)Be nice 3)Stay ON TOPIC! 4)Send ?s for group to me w/o hashtag 5)Use #sbbuzz in all messages 6)Have fun!
lindadessau: @sbbuzz Great to be back with the bee and all of you other fine folks! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Start off w/an INTRO: 1 message about you and your business and whatever else we need to know. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Hey y’all – Rob Z here with VerticalResponse and still providing actionable technical info to small bizes on the side. #sbbuzz
pmohara: @BeckyMcCray Topic tonight is mealworms and mudpies. Oh wait, I think I’m getting confused… #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Intro: Scott Blitstein, BatchBluer, Music Lover, iTunes Loather. Glad to be here! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Oh how the year has changed us! Hello everyone! #Sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Howdy from snowy Oklahoma. I’m a small town entrepreneur involved in tourism, small business, and more. #sbbuzz
ginabee: Hey howdy hey! Gina here from WriteyTidy content creation. Happy to be back buzzing with you all! #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Hi all! I help people get their great ideas into writing. Either do it yourself (, or you talk and I’ll write! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: I still write about small biz at allbizanswers, and now work for a wonderful co called BatchBlue #Sbbuzz
desireescales: Hey! Hey! The gang’s all here! Desiree Scales here from where we help you market online! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @bradfordshimp Jeezum crow – they’re assimilating all the good people! #sbbuzz
pmohara: Pamela here from @batchblue and the hostess of the octa-annual #sbbuzz chat. Very excited to see so many friends here!
desireescales: Please tell me we’re meeting more than annually this year. I’ve missed you all! #sbbuzz
mattharrell: @sbbuzz Intro: Hi folks. Matt from @memberhub here. It’s been way to long since I’ve checked in here at #sbbuzz
desireescales: So for all of you out there who are sitting there watching tv, get off your duffs and join us! Follow this hashtag on Twitter! #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @pmohara Putting the band back together #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: And if you thought I was posting too many updates already, that was from my iPod – on my computer now and ready to burn this up! #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Man, this is so cool! Look at all you familiar faces! :) #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @rzazueta You know it! Good to see you! #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Oh, I love that company! I’ve heard of it, wait, give me a minute… #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @mattharrell Same for all of us – great to see you Matt! #sbbuzz
desireescales: I’m impressed that Twitter is working so much better this year than last. Heh, heh. Tweetchat is actually behaving! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @DesireeScales And so far TweetDeck is working well, too. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales No major political speeches tonight? #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @scoblitz LOL, very appropriate! #sbbuzz
desireescales: @BeckyMcCray You’ve certainly been a on journey this year. I remember when we were all just starting out with Tweet Chats! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Tonight we’re taking a look at how small biz technologies have evolved and influenced our businesses these past 2 years. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Send me any questions you want included in the discussion. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Unless you want to give one…. “My fellow Twitter Citizens, put down your beers and chat on the @sbbuzz!” #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @DesireeScales Hard to think about what all has happened this year! #sbbuzz
desireescales: @BeckyMcCray You’re quite a star my friend. I run into you in a lot of publications these days. Awesome! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: I should be on the BART ride home, but, instead, I’m participating in the #sbbuzz chat. You should join us!
BeckyMcCray: @DesireeScales I’m still just me. :) #sbbuzz
desireescales: @BeckyMcCray and that’s the best part and why we love you! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @rzazueta Because your awesome! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q1 We’ll start w/social media – what tools have been most effective/influential for your business? #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @bradfordshimp Well, now I’m blushing. Thank you! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q1: For me, it remains Twitter. Though Quora has been interesting. I still use FB almost solely for personal stuff. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q1: But Linked in is starting to make some headway in my mindshare, too. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @sbbuzz Q1 – I used Twellow to find like-minded people in the new city I was moving to – I was already connected before I got here! #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q1 Wow, where do I start? What’s interesting is the tools haven’t changed much. We’re at a social media standstill somewhat. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Most effective/influential small biz tools since ’09? Hmmm… Twitter, video, blogging all work for me. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Twitter is still important with me, but I am also finding just talking to people in general stirs things up, no matter the platform. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: RT @rzazueta: @DesireeScales I agree, and, to @lindadessau ‘s comment it may be more about the support apps at this point. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @lindadessau What a great idea! #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Since 2009, the biggest change has been in Facebook’s influence on small business, I think. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @BeckyMcCray In what ways have you been using video and finding it effective? #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @bradfordshimp It was awesome! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Facebook really is huge. In my small town, not many on Twitter, but everyone on Facebook. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @rzazueta I’m not doing nearly enough, but each demonstration video I do is always well received. #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @rzazueta I mostly try to illustrate a point I’m making on the blog. Something visual. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: But, for me at least, it seems a little harder to use Facebook for business – would love to hear from those using it. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q1 Twitter is still my go to place for just about everything. I personally do very little elsewhere. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: I need to do better, but one of my goals is to improve communication in my village – thinking email, blog, probably Facebook. #sbbuzz
ginabee: Using Facebook with a Route 66 group – they tend to be an older crowd but are coming along to embrace the “new” technology. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @bradfordshimp I like how @choicemagazine used FB fan page during a presentation I gave for them – as a live forum for Q&A, etc. #sbbuzz
mattharrell: Q1 We’ve been using Twitter mostly. But then using Tweetdeck to post right to our Facebook page has increased traffic in Facebook. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @rzazueta I would love to see more small businesses doing video to share their products! #sbbuzz
alamodestuff: Twitter for me! Still trying to use Facebook effectively. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q1 Hootsuite is my savior, allowing me to post everywhere even when I’m not around. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: *Turning on auto-include hashtags in TweetDeck* #sbbuzz
pmohara: Well, #sbbuzz was my biggest Twitter draw, so haven’t been here as much recently. Haven’t found an alternative? (cont)
bradfordshimp: Ooh, new tool I love is #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @mattharrell I’ve found the same (except I’m using Hootsuite). #sbbuzz
desireescales: RT @BeckyMcCray: @rzazueta I would love to see more small businesses doing video to share their products! TOTALLY AGREE! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @BeckyMcCray Checking out some of your vids now – EXCELLENT use. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp I don’t get I’m missing the point I guess. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @mattharrell You’re pretty active on your blog too, how does that pull for your business? #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q2 What new business opportunities has social media presented to you? #sbbuzz
desireescales: I write and edit four blogs. Yes, four. That has been huge for me. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @alamodestuff Right, its a challenge to use it effectively I think. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q2 I’ve met people on Twitter (like you all!) I would have never had the chance to meet otherwise. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q2 I find that answering questions on Twitter has gotten me a lot of side work when I need it. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q2 Plus, it helps me establish my expertise and get the all-important intro when I need it most. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales Its sort of like sharing your Twitter list, just with a better presentation. I like being able to highlight others. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Q2. I can’t even list all the amazing business opportunities from social media for me. #sbbuzz
mattharrell: @bradfordshimp We’ll we’re trying to be more consistent with it. It’s getting better and could generate a lot more with it. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q2 Social media has given me opportunities to meet and mingle with clients, readers, colleagues AND my local biz community. #sbbuzz
superdumb: Good to hear! RT @BeckyMcCray Q2. I can’t even list all the amazing business opportunities from social media for me. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q2 – Twitter has helped to set up many interviews for my podcast. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @rzazueta Do you answer questions you find via search, or just people you already follow/know? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Ah, gotcha. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q2 – Plus, I wouldn’t be working for BatchBlue if it weren’t for Twitter. #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q2 Well this li’l ol’ chat here got me a great client. Other than that, I keep in touch w/ clients and colleagues alike on Twitter. #sbbuzz
leoraw: A2: social media is a way to meet new clients, connect with tech folks of all different kinds, learn the biz world, and have fun, 2. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @lindadessau Primarily people I already follow, but occasionally through hashtag searches. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @bradfordshimp That’s worth the price of admission right there :) #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q2 – Twitter has brought so many great connections and awesome staff and chances to engage with more people. #sbbuzz
alamodestuff: @bradfordshimp my fan base has grown but I can’t seem to engage them on FB. Not like my blog or twitter. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q2 cont Also, much of our product development has been around social media integrations #sbbuzz
desireescales: @pmohara One of the very reasons I switched from Salesforce to Batchbook–the social media component. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @bradfordshimp I can’t give it all the blame – I mean credit – but it sure helped me as well! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @lindadessau For sure! And it wasn’t a job search, rather just meeting people that I could connect with. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: @DesireeScales oh – I thought it was our superbowl ad! :) #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @alamodestuff Seems like FB is built more around people sharing their stuff rather than digesting others’ stuff. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @bradfordshimp It’s beautiful when collaborations develop organically. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @rzazueta Hey, even a digital camera will work. I used that for years. #sbbuzz
desireescales: I still like FB better because you can share multimedia and people can see the pictures. More media-rich experience. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @BeckyMcCray Oh, excellent point! #sbbuzz
bwboykin: Check out the good convos. taking place now over at #sbbuzz – lots of good stuff
sbbuzz: Q3 How has your approach to social media changed over the past 2 years? #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q3 It took a while, but I finally figured out just when and when not to tweet. At least I think I did… #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @sbbuzz Q3 I put a lot more stock in it as a valid and valuable marketing activity that deserves time and attention. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: I am not as quick to jump on the next bandwagon, ie. Quora, et. al. #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q3 Rather than learning to use it myself, I am now teaching clients the value of FB and Twitter. #sbbuzz
leoraw: @bradfordshimp Quora is cool stuff. Great way to learn more and show knowledge. Lots of potential there. #sbbuzz
njwedding: New biz inquiries/sales thru #Twitter! RT @leoraw RT @sbbuzz: Q2 What new #business opportunities has social media presented to you? #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q3 I’m not as timid to approach what I deemed “unapproachable” people. I make better, more meaningful connections these days. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: I’ve also slowed down on blogging and Twitter usage. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Q3 – I’ve created more separate profiles for business purposes, instead of just keeping it all under my own name. #sbbuzz
leoraw: A3 regarding s. media approach, still trying to balance how to present knowledge, share, learn more, tweet about non-biz interests #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @leoraw @bradfordshimp Quora is on my list of things to carefully consider before jumping into ;) #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q3 Lists on Twitter changed the way I find others to communicate with A LOT. There were no lists 2 years ago LOL! #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q3 The shift away from working my own business has led me to use it more personally but still share company news. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @leoraw Yeah, I was late to Twitter too, so I still have time :) #sbbuzz
EddieMill: Q3 @sbbuzz I’ve been empowered by SM, but have had to become more careful of what I say. #sbbuzz
alamodestuff: Q3 went from skepticism to full on embrace! My business wouldn’t be the same w/o it! #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Q3. Still plenty of overlap and connection between all my profiles. :) #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @BeckyMcCray Do you find that easier with the improvements to the applications? Which one do you use? #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales Yeah, me too, I think. It does break down barriers. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @lindadessau @leoraw @bradfordshimp I found very little value in Quora, and overzealous moderation caused me to delete my account. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @desireescales Good point! Twitter lists helped me find great people in #Barrie, also! #sbbuzz
alamodestuff: Yes! Singing its praises to others. RT @ginabee: Q3?I am now teaching clients the value of FB and Twitter. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @lindadessau I use TweetDeck and Seesmic to manage multiple profiles. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @scoblitz I haven’t found valued in Quora except for crowdsourcing. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: I have probably unfollowed more than I have followed this past year on Twitter. W/o this chat, need to find new way to meet people. #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q3 It also gives me some casual chat with far-flung clients and colleagues that I wouldn’t ordinarily have. Deepens relationships. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @DesireeScales What interests me in Quora are the CEO answers to big strategy questions. I find that enlightening. #sbbuzz
desireescales: I actually find more value in helping small biz people on LinkedIn than Quora at this point. SB folks haven’t discovered Q yet. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @rzazueta I agree to that but I wonder how long that interaction will last. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @ginabee Yes, I also love that chance to keep in touch with people and deepen relationships. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Its funny, there hasn’t been another chat I would want to participate in more than #sbbuzz. I really thought I’d find one. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @rzazueta Do you think that CEO involvement in Quora can last as other users arrive? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @BeckyMcCray @rzazueta Other CEOs? Smaller Biz people? Can you clarify? #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @DesireeScales I mean as the service scales up with floods of new users (as all services of that type have to, in order to build) #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q4 from @rzazueta Of the social media sites now out there, which one is now your favorite/the one you use most? #sbbuzz
rzazueta: I think the engagement will last for as long as Quora is hot. So, not too long ;-) #sbbuzz
desireescales: @rzazueta About five minutes ago to be exact. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: I think what makes Twitter so successful is the open format. 140 character limit, but open to anything. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q$ Twitter is definitely my favourite social media site and the one I use most often. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales Me too. I need more of this. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Where Quora is a Q&A format and Facebook is about personal connections first. #sbbuzz
shashib: Say hi to the members of my class in Georgetown ;) Happy to join y’all congrats #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Facebook has taken over because it tapped into our essential human narcissism – it’s all about me. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp We’re officially addicted. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @shashib Hey there Georgetown! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @shashib Hey, Georgetown class! Welcome! This WILL be on the test. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales Its like sugar, but instead of making us fat, it makes us smarter, better connected human beings! #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q4 I still use Twitter the most but have an entirely different group I connect with on Facebook so do use that as well. #sbbuzz
desireescales: I swear, if you guys were all in the room watching me laugh out loud, you’d think I was crazy. I miss laughing out loud on #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp And I can’t eat much when I’m typing away like this. #sbbuzz
ginabee: @desireescales Yes, after all these months of no sbbuzz, @scoblitz & I are finally communicating again on Tuesday evenings! #sbbuzz
desireescales: @ginabee @scoblitz Oh THAT was funny. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Q4. Twitter is still my favorite. Don’t tell the others! (I’m behind, switching between chats!) #sbbuzz
alamodestuff: I hate that about FB. RT @rzazueta: FB has taken over because it tapped into our essential human narcissism – it’s all about me. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q5 from @desireescales What changes would you like to see in the future in regards to social media? #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @bwboykin Hard enough to keep up with one! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q5 More ubiquitous integration. Still too hard to keep up with Twitter, etc. on my phone. Also – better search and archiving #sbbuzz
SweetSoaps: ?@rzazueta: Facebook has taken over because it tapped into our essential human narcissism – it’s all about me. #sbbuzz? (so true
desireescales: @BeckyMcCray That’s second nature to us entrepreneurs and women to boot! #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q5 More accessible to less “techie” folks. It still intimidates so many of my clients who don’t live & work on the Internet like me #sbbuzz
desireescales: @ginabee What would make it more accessible? Easier interface? Better navigation? Just talking into a device? #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @DesireeScales Voice will be the next UI revolution. Already on its way… #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q5 – I would like to see tools that make interactions like this easier – more like Skype but for relative strangers #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp You just stole that out of my fingers. I swear I was going to type that. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales Its our great minds, we can’t help it! #sbbuzz
desireescales: @iangertler Looks like I could chat all night if I was up for it. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Great thing is, this amazing group carries right along w/o me. I’m having a blast catching up. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q5 – I guess I would like to see more virtual meetups/conferences – with some real audience engagement. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q6 from @bradfordshimp Lets talk more about video. How can small biz adopt video into their marketing? #sbbuzz
leoraw: Totally Agree RT @bradfordshimp: Q5 – would like to see more virtual meetups/conferences – with some real audience engagement. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q6 – Tools are much cheaper, but that doesn’t necessarily make video easy for most folks. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Q6 I love video for small business: #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @leoraw Okay, lets do it! There are a ton of us who have reasons that virtual is better. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q6 Honestly? Just grab a Flip video camera and start rolling. Have the CEO do a quick intro. Get testimonials from clients. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: With video, how do you get past the comfort gap – say you are camera shy? #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q6 I think every CEO or company owner out there should have a video on their site. People connect with people. Video does that. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Get over it. Join Toastmasters. Its just a freaking camera. Would you clam up in a meeting when selling your co.? #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @bradfordshimp I also use my Jing Pro account and make demo videos (screen sharing), or talk over a slide show. #sbbuzz
bwboykin: @desireescales Couldn’t agree more and a Flip is so perfect just for that #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales It is interesting how big a role instant feedback plays in your confidence in speaking. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: I think with Flip and these fancy cellphones, videos and pictures can play a big part in telling the story of your business. #sbbuzz
desireescales: My clients love when I send a thank you video after a meeting using #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @lindadessau I love Jing for so many things – really a wonderful way to create and share. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: And every business needs to be able to tell a story. #sbbuzz
alamodestuff: Just do it! It gets easier. RT @bradfordshimp: With video, how do you get past the comfort gap – say you are camera shy? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp I’m my own worst audience. If you knew how many times I taped #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales I have a buddy that is working on an interesting way to send personal videos and info to people. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @desireescales thanks – eyejot looks great! #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp There used to be a great site out there that stopped video email services. Let me know when ready! I’ll beta! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Is YouTube THE social site for video, or is there room for a player there? #sbbuzz
desireescales: It was and I loved it. Now they just do video chat. YAWN. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: This is geared to getting a job, but great way to send a proposal or a follow up - #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q7 from @lindadessau Who’s doing mobile marketing? How? What? Where? #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q7 – As in cellphones, right? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bwboykin Couldn’t be easier. Point and shoot. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Q7. I keep resisting mobile marketing, because I don’t want ads coming to my phone. But that’s a limited view, isn’t it? #sbbuzz
leoraw: A7 With all my WordPress sites, we (client +I) think, how will this look on mobile? There’s several approaches. Experiment. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q7 – Would think a lot of small biz would market via existing tools, like Foursquare and Google Local #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp You did mean smartphones… : ) #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q7 I don’t even have a smartphone, but I do surf a lot from my iPod Touch & I make sure my own site displays properly. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q7 Do you mean just ads? There’s lots of opportunities in custom apps right now, but not every biz model is amenable to them. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @leoraw Great point. Getting harder to ignore. Next wave is maybe all blogs having free apps, not just the big ones. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales I prefer “lifestyle device” #sbbuzz
desireescales: Did you know more people read email and surf on smartphones than their computers now? Most valuable real estate evah! #sbbuzz
lindadessau: RT @bradfordshimp: @leoraw Great point. Getting harder to ignore. Next wave is maybe all blogs having free apps, not just big ones. #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @desireescales did you see that Mashable article about the easy app creator? #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales Wow, you can do that from a car phone? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @rzazueta Amen to that! Not every company can work a mean app. BUT, their site should be mobile ready. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @dwaynekilbourne I did. Very cool. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Q7. Now, mobile-accessible pages and info I am ALL FOR. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @DesireeScales Totally agree – mobile web sites are key right now, and totally lacking. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @dwaynekilbourne I don’t miss much but every company should be looking for something unique in their industry. #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @bradfordshimp @desireescales ==> ShoutEm introduced this software to make it easier to create mobile apps #sbbuzz
ariherzog: @lindadessau @desireescales To be fair, a mobile device is more akin to personal property than real estate. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @dwaynekilbourne Glad you joined us! Dwayne is one of the coolest people I know besides that Shrimp guy. #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: I don’t check my email or text on a phone, but I may be the only one. I consume more content on my iPod than my computer, though. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @dwaynekilbourne Say NO to cookie-cutter apps. Find something no one else in your industry has thought of yet. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @dwaynekilbourne Then find a few thousands of $$ to build a really good mobile app. #sbbuzz
alamodestuff: I believe it! RT @desireescales: Did you know more people read email and surf on smartphones than their computers now? #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @desireescales I agree with that too… to me, it is not worth the $30 or so bucks per month unless you are able to use it temp #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @DesireeScales Ah, you don;t need too many thousands of $$ – just get a solid plan and find someone on odesk. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales I agree in concept, but not in reality. Small biz needs something sort of cookie cutter, but customizable enough. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q7 Could try mobile CMS – like Seems like a good way to publish for the on-the-goers #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @bradfordshimp @desireescales it is a quick and easy means to reach the customers ASAP… which can be beneficial too! #sbbuzz
desireescales: If you create a mobile app, it has to be a game changer otherwise its not worth the investment. It must fill a void and meet a need. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Q7 – easy mobile solutions: Posterous, Tumblr, Blogger have built in mobile friendly designs. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @sbbuzz We doing this anytime soon? Going back to a schedule of some sort? #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q8 Have mobile technologies presented new business opportunities for you? #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @DesireeScales I don’t completely agree with this – it shouldn’t be a cookie cutter, but it DOES need to fill a need. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales I agree for software, but not for content delivery. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @DesireeScales But to require it to be a game changer… those are so rare. Even if it’s a bit derivative, get something out there. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp I agree to a point but the real payoff is when you meet a need or make someone’s work easier. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Your site should be mobilized and deliver good content. No special app needed if done right. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Q8. I can tell you I do a heck of a lot of searches for local businesses using mobile. So my local biz has a mobile-friendly site. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales But I do like when companies approach the problem in different ways – Atlantic Wire is a great example. #sbbuzz
pmohara: @DesireeScales No current plans for weekly chat, just don’t have the resources right now. Still noodling what #sbbuzz will be doing instead.
desireescales: @rzazueta I haven’t seen an instant app creation tool yet that I’ve been impressed with. #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @desireescales @bradfordshimp I am going to add that popular mobile plugin for a #WordPress blog soon… anybody like those? #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales And a local grocery chain, Wegmans, has a killer app, so when you can, pimp the app for sure! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @DesireeScales Ah, that I agree with – it does need to be truly custom to work. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales The point of the App would be offline access, which is probably becoming a non-issue. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp See? Killer because it fulfills a need for the customer. I don’t have Wegmans here in ATL. : ( #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp The lines are definitely blurry. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @bradfordshimp The other reason for an app is a better experience. Even HTML5 is wanting on mobile in some ways. #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @desireescales @bradfordshimp My nickname while in the #USMC was Killer, so does that count? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp I should go talk to @publix! #sbbuzz
desireescales: RT @rzazueta: @bradfordshimp The other reason for an app is a better experience. Even HTML5 is wanting on mobile in some ways. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @dwaynekilbourne Which one. I think I need to look into that. I have ignored mobile so far. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp SAD! @publix isn’t even on Twitter. I own stock! Let me at them!!! #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @desireescales @bradfordshimp They have @PublixJobs and maybe a few others… still not the same though! #sbbuzz
desireescales: @dwaynekilbourne Hey Mister Four Square 2nd Level dude, tell us about it! What about location applications? Yay or nay? #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales That is sad. Wegmans is awesome on Twitter, and their app is the best one on my iPod. #sbbuzz
pmohara: @DesireeScales I’ll get my Tungle to talk to your Bookfresh. Maybe they can figure it out. hee hee hee #sbbuzz
desireescales: @dwaynekilbourne Well, someone is certainly asleep at the wheel over there. #sbbuzz #publix #fail #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @bradfordshimp #sbbuzz
desireescales: @pmohara Hah! Good one. Just go into my Batchbook account and set it up. LOL! #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @desireescales I am a sucker for location-based apps… #LBSChat and #4sqCHAT are great tweetchats about it too… btw! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @pmohara @DesireeScales I want to throw my Setster into that mix! #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp @pmohara Too many airlines, too many apps, too many smartphones. Sheesh! #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @bradfordshimp I will look around to see if there is a more popular one… I think @Mashable did a post about it at the end of 2010! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q#Ilostcount What technology has had the biggest impact on how you run your business? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @dwaynekilbourne Agreed. Facebook is just a bad copycat with Places. #foursquare rules! @foursquare #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Oooh, how about Groupon for local businesses – lots of love AND hate for that. #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @desireescales I am all about specialization – I mean, Facebook cannot really (successfully) copy all the niche #socialmedia markets #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q8 (I think) My iPad and iPhone hands down. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @bradfordshimp But how have those businesses responded? Hearing lots of bad feedback about it lately. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @sbbuzz Ever? or since 09? #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @bradfordshimp Hate??? You mean about the #SB45 flub? #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @bradfordshimp Produces a lot of up front interest that dies out quickly, is the buzz. Nothing long-lasting. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: @BeckyMcCray Both! #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp No love for taking 30% of the sales. 10% would be easier to swallow. #groupon #fail #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Twitter! So I can sign on late for Tweetchats :) #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @rzazueta I still lay a lot of blame at the feet of the biz though – you need to feed the buzz and create the loyalty yourself. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @rzazueta @bradfordshimp Unless you’re throwing a special out there every week, its not sustainable. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: Would you believe the liquor store still runs largely on paper? (Don’t tell!) #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales I thought it was more like 50% #sbbuzz
rzazueta: RT @bradfordshimp: I still lay a lot of blame at the feet of the biz – you need to feed the buzz and create the loyalty yourself. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp @rzazueta Guys, businesses kill themselves with @groupon. They are so busy with the promo service level tanks. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q7 – Skype – it helps to keep our diverse and spread out team on the same page. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp I tried it for Bella just to see, it was 30%. #sbbuzz
ginabee: @BeckyMcCray Glad to see I’m not the only low-tech biz out there! At least I run mine on email, google docs and google voice! #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @ginabee Now, the rest of my businesses tend to be higher tech. Except the cattle ranch. ;) #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @desireescales Alva, Oklahoma. Population fewer than 5,000. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @BeckyMcCray That’s what I thought. Can you imagine the tweets from a liquor store? That would be an interesting biz case. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @BeckyMcCray We need to chat sometime – racking my brain about how to help biz in my small(er) town. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @DesireeScales I tweet for the liquor store at @AllensLiquor :) #sbbuzz
alamodestuff: Q#Ilostcount I love my iPad! Who needs a laptop?! #sbbuzz.
desireescales: @BeckyMcCray @AllensLiquor Oh Becky, you ARE my hero now! You need to be on my Bella Buzz Podcast!!! #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @alamodestuff I do! I really need to just invest in one… but, I am split on the decision… hence the wait… thoughts? #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @alamodestuff I am thinking about an iPad with a keyboard, but what about the mouse? #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @DesireeScales Hey, speaking of your podcast – how does that work driving business, etc.? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp @alamodestuff All you need is #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @DesireeScales The liquor store also has a Facebook page, and a blog. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: We didn;t really even cover podcasting, did we? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @rzazueta 1. Builds credibility 2. People remember us. 3. Thousands of listeners Should I keep going? #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @BeckyMcCray FYI – I still have your Jack Daniel’s biz card on my desk. #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: If I get a tablet-type PC, I want the real-deal… like the Toshiba Portégé – write on the screen, etc.! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Ask and you shall receive. Last question – what’s working in podcasting and what are you using to do it? #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @rzazueta Is video not part of podcasting? (and drink that biz card, I’ll bring you a new one to SXSW) #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @BeckyMcCray Video is sort of like podcasting, but… not. I don;t watch much video on my phone. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales But do I have to touch the screen, or is there a mouse possibility? #sbbuzz
alamodestuff: @dwaynekilbourne it’s not great for a lot of typing. @bradfordshimp has the right idea- keyboard case. No need for a mouse. #sbbuzz
pmohara: @desireescales who is your audience for the podcasts? #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @DesireeScales You can, yes! It’s one of my back pocket ideas. Need to get on that before #sxsw #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @mriggen @sbbuzz sounds like a deal – best song ever I say. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @pmohara Entrepreneurs, other designers, social media folks, C-Suites. Anyone who wants to learn more about tech in biz. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: For me, podcasting is kind of a springboard – I can interview interesting people, which helps me and my listeners, but also builds.. #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @alamodestuff curious to see what @palm and #Android have in store in an effort to try to compete with #Apple! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: relationships (damn you 140 characters!) #sbbuzz
rzazueta: I listen to podcasts on my commute using Foogle Listen on my Android. Difficult to do video the same way. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: I wonder how many in the podcasting audience do the same. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Podcasts are completely portable. I listen in the car all the time while driving. Can’t watch video that way. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: I love iTunes U content (sorry @scoblitz don’t kill me for using love and iTunes in the same sentence) #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz I can count the number of podcasts I have listened to one one hand, and have 4 extra fingers. #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: Is anybody tuning into HP/Palm’s announcement tomorrow?? Or is this just a 2 platform race with no hope for #WebOS & #WindowsPhone? #sbbuzz
alamodestuff: @dwaynekilbourne yes. Will they be able to catch up? #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @dwaynekilbourne My workmate is a WebOS fanatic, though he currently uses Android. So, he’s tuning in/ #WebOS #WindowsPhone #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @dwaynekilbourne And, by proxy, so am I. #WebOS #WindowsPhone #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: I mostly listen to podcasts on long trips. Seldom any other time. But if you’re teaching on a topic I want to learn, I’ll listen! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @BeckyMcCray What topics do you wan tto learn ;-) #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @dwaynekilbourne both are good platforms – competition is good. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @dwaynekilbourne Friend just bought a Palm. Asked WHY? Free mobile hotspot, vs. $20 / month for Android. Compelling reason. #sbbuzz
alamodestuff: @DesireeScales @bradfordshimp this is the iPad keyboard case one I’m going for #sbbuzz
desireescales: @alamodestuff @bradfordshimp It looks like those sides would be frustrating when typing. #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @bradfordshimp I still have my Palm Pre on a secondary business mobile line! Waiting on the official #Froyo release for my Epic 4G #sbbuzz
podcasthelper: being real is what works in podcasting & that leads to community which creates strong bonds & endless opportunity in your niche. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @rzazueta Help me sell more! That’s what all small businesses want. ;) #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @bradfordshimp I just rooted my Android. Best decision I ever made. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @BeckyMcCray Awesome – will start writing the podcast for that now… #sbbuzz
stellel: @ginabee Hi!!! Doing well and you? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @BeckyMcCray You’re my first Tungle! Congrats. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @rzazueta And I have no idea what you just said. #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: @desireescales I hope I got my schedule updated in time ;) #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Wow all – can you believe it’s been 2 hours? Such a great chat tonight. Thanks to everyone for sharing so generously! #sbbuzz
ginabee: @stellel Oh, just fine and dandy-doo! #sbbuzz
dwaynekilbourne: @desireescales @BeckyMcCray just looked at that social media / scheduling platform… thanks – going to add it too! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: The old folks know, this is what we affectionately call Pitch Time. Please tell us a little about your business. #sbbuzz
alamodestuff: Nice chatting, all! I’ve gotta take my iPad and run. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @rzazueta Yeah, figured it had to do with that, but what is rooting? #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: #sbbuzz is a small business Twitter chat hosted now and again by the folks from @batchblue Come again soon!
rzazueta: Pitch: Do you want to resell email marketing to your customers or integrate it in your software? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @dwaynekilbourne @BeckyMcCray That’s what #sbbuzz is all about, sharing great insider info from some pretty cool people! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Personal pitch: Trying to be a better blogger. Check out Really, it will update again soon ;-) #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: You can read my small biz blog at #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: And if you are ever in Clyde, NY, stop by for a visit! #sbbuzz
EddieMill: #sbbuzz Thanks! I enjoyed following a small business chat on Twitter! I’m working on leasing a small organic farm, and backyard/local food.
BeckyMcCray: I write about small town business at #sbbuzz
BeckyMcCray: And I help tourism folks learn social media at #sbbuzz
ginabee: G’nite fine folks! I use my words to tell your story. Hope we’ll all chat & support each other again soon #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Oh, and if you’re going to be at #sxsw, holla! Would LOVE an #sbbuzz meetup, even a mini one! #sbbuzz
pmohara: Pamela here from @batchblue – the kind folks who make small biz CRM and twitter chats #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz and no pitch from me but can share that I post infrequently at my blog #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @bwboykin Unfortunately no, not right now. But check out for details on what’s to come. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: @rzazueta Now that’s a great idea! #sxsw #sbbuzz tweet-up!
mriggen: @rzazueta Love the idea of #SBUZZ meet-up at #SXSW – let’s do this thing! #sbbuzz
alamodestuff: Oh, and I make really cool “stuff” out of everyday industrial materials. come by and check it out Http:// #sbbuzz
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Happy Birthday, #SBBuzz!

When we started the #sbbuzz chat 2 years ago today, our primary goal was to connect with other tech savvy small business owners and work together to tackle the myriad challenges that the onset of social media, cloud computing, mobile technology and virtual collaboration present to small businesses.  We never anticipated that this effort would result in such amazing conversations, so many new friends and business opportunities, and even a few new employees.  We count this project as a HUGE success.

Though we recently discontinued the regularly scheduled #sbbuzz chats, we continue to work with the wonderful #sbbuzz community members on myriad different projects, collaborations and even businesses. And we continue to explore opportunities to take this conversation in a new direction. Staying true to our original intent, we are not here to tinker with the latest social media gadget, or self-promote our products and businesses, but rather continue looking for ways to create useful and meaningful interactions for entrepreneurs, like ourselves, with very little time and very many questions.

To commemorate the anniversary, we will be hosting our first #sbbuzz chat of 2011 this Tuesday, February 8th from 8:00 – 10:00 PM EST. Please join us for a fun look at where we as a small business community have come and where we are going.

And to celebrate the successes we have had thus far, I thought I would share with you some comments from participants of the #sbbuzz chats about their experiences with #sbbuzz and what it has meant to them.  I was overwhelmed by the responses and thrilled to hear about the many opportunities that the #sbbuzz program brought to so many of the participants.  I am including a few of the stories below.

Neal Rohrbach (@nrohrbach) was one of the first #sbbuzz participants and a fixture at the chat each week. I had the great pleasure to follow Neal through his and fellow #sbbuzz participant Brad Shimp (@bradfordshimp) build a new business largely through their own Twitter community. Neal is now the host of his own Outdoor Channel TV show, and talks a little about the part #sbbuzz played in his journey.

First and foremost, I want to thank the entire crew that put together #sbbuzz and kept it going for nearly two years. It certainly played a crucial role in changing my career path and helped me to find my niche and passions in the business world. To call #sbbuzz anything other than phenomenal would be a gross understatement. Through the weekly chats that I was able to be a part of early on, I met and made several friends, and even a business partner. Idea Anglers was founded because of #sbbuzz, which merited coverage on Businessweek’s website and landed me on center stage in Hollywood at the Kodak Theater for the first Los Angeles 140 Characters Conference. Unfortunately, Brad Shimp and I grew so quickly in our professional careers, that we didn’t have the time to continue moving Idea Anglers forward. This was much due to the networking, technology and practices learned through #sbbuzz. When I first started participating in #sbbuzz, I was working two jobs and running a home based marketing and graphics business. The practices, technology and people I met through #sbbuzz soon led to my home based business growing to the point that I could quit one of my part time jobs. The next thing I knew, I had offers on the table for my side business to be purchased by two of my competitors who worked on their businesses full time. Now that’s saying something. #sbbuzz quickly made me into a household name, especially in my community, as I started traveling to conferences and tweetups, sharing my marketing and entrepreneurship models, as well as the Idea Anglers story. The next thing I knew, I was hired by Outdoor Channel Outfitters and quickly moved up the chain from Art Director to Chief Creative Officer and now sit as the President of Marketing and Sales and will be hosting the Outdoor Channel Outfitters television show for 2011. I’d like to think that’s a pretty good testament to how the #sbbuzz chat helped me. As far as my business, well, taking what I learned from #sbbuzz, it went from a part time, home based business to a full time job, just before selling it with residual income. I can see small business collaboration continuing to grow in the social media realm, and soon be an integral part of each and every business model.

Scott Blitstein (@scoblitz) is another lifer at #sbbuzz. Scott is a writer for Web Worker Daily, a small business owner and now part of our own BatchBlue team. He is also the man with all the answers to your small business questions.

#sbbuzz was integral for me in turning Twitter in to the collaborative community experience that it should be. Having the opportunity to meet and chat with wonderful and smart people was inspiring.  I found that just participating gave me the chance to share my knowledge and be a resource to folks, all the while being able to learn from them as well.

I also think it did wonders to strengthen my relationship with the participants, including the BatchBlue team. Frequent interactions with you and Michelle gave me the opportunity to let you get to know more about me and I believe was an integral part of my joining the team there.

Participating in #sbbuzz was a very useful way to promote my business and while I have made the decision to discontinue eSeMBe, it’s only because other opportunities arose which were more appealing – the chance to work with the wonderful folks at BatchBlue.

Gina Blitstein (@ginabee) joined in the chats later in our history after hearing so much about our empowering ways from her husband, Scott. I’ll let her explain the role #sbbuzz played in helping her establish her own entrepreneurial ways.

The #sbbuzz helped me to more easily adopt the role as a web-using business owner. While my business lives on and off the Internet, there is no denying that it wouldn’t exist without it. I am not a techie (though I do live with one) and yet I was welcomed with open keyboards by the existing members of the group, which was incredibly empowering in the first few months of my content creation business.

From the networking exposure within the #sbbuzz community, I got an outstanding client with whom I have an ongoing business relationship. I don’t believe we’d ever have come across one another if not for #sbbuzz. My business is growing steadily – as is my confidence – and that is due in no small part to what I learned and who I met on our Tuesday night dates.

I learned a tremendous amount from the expertise of the group and I was happy to be able to provide some insight myself once in a while. The act of reaching out beyond my computer to have contact with such smart and savvy folks was inspirational as well as educational.

Desiree Scales (@desireescales) was an early leader in the crowd with her quick wit and shining personality. She and the other regulars really helped us set the non-promotional, frank and open tone that helped the chats them become so successful. Desiree also introduced me to podcasting when she interviewed me for her Bella Buzz podcast early on. Desiree also introduced us to our wonderful virtual assistant, Dawn Skowronnek (@charmedbydawn)

The #sbbuzz introduced me to many people I still call friends after 2 years. I will continue to follow their careers and businesses as they will my own. Twitter Chat is a great idea and will continue to catch on eventually or evolve into something else. I think the #sbbuzz showed us all how hungry entrepreneurs are to connect with one another. I hope something will eventually take it’s place. It was a great way to learn about people who are in the same shoes with the same ideas and issues every week. I’ll miss it!

And very long-time contributor and enthusiast Susan Barr (@selahsynergy). I had the pleasure of speaking with Susan when she interviewed me for her (coming soon) book. And I will always value the parenting advice she gave as one mother of an asthmatic child to another.

Although I have not been online much in the past few months, #sbbuzz is one of the first places I wanted to re-join as my personal life has finally settled down. For me, #sbbuzz was the anchor in my Twitter interactions, the first and most meaningful community to which I belonged on Twitter. For the past 2 years, I have been working on a book for small business owners about leveraging the internet to grow and manage their businesses. I met and interviewed several #sbbuzz members including yourself, whose contributions have been essential to the book. The generosity of every member of #sbbuzz, whether in giving of time, expertise, support, encouragement, referrals, or friendship has been a tremendous resource  – I know #sbbuzz will live on as these relationships remain important to my life and business. I thank you for initiating such a tremendous community.

We are extremely grateful for these extraordinary members of the #sbbuzz community, as well as every one of the participants and followers of the #sbbuzz chat. We look forward to working with the forward thinking entrepreneurs who have joined this group to continue to find ways to grow and evolve ourselves and our businesses.

Starting your own business is a wonderful, overwhelming journey that should be shared and explored with other adventurous souls. We would not have it any other way.

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#SBBuzz Collaboration Night

As a part of this month’s theme on Collaboration, we will be talking tonight about the best ways for teams to collaborate virtually.  We touched on the topic last week, so will dive a little deeper into the tools and processes you use to collaborate with team members, customers, partners and the world.  From project management to virtual conferencing, we will share what is working and what is not.

Please join us tonight from 8:00 – 9:00 PM EDT to discuss creative ways to get innovative with your small business.

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Open Format DIscussion: Chat Summary from 9/14/2010

Open mic night on sbbuzz. Our participants asked their own small business questions.

  • We’re on every Tuesday from 8-9 pm EST.  The next chat will be held on September 21, 2010.
  • You can read the instructions on how to participate here:
  • Invite others to join in, help them get started.  We started this chat to facilitate conversation between small biz owners.
sbbuzz: Welcome to #sbbuzz, a Tweetchat for the next hour of small biz talking technology on Twitter. Join us!
sbbuzz: Rules: 1)NO pitching till end 2)Be nice 3)Stay ON TOPIC! 4)Send ?s for group to me w/o hashtag 5)Use #sbbuzz in all messages 6)Have fun!
sbbuzz: Start off w/an INTRO: 1 message about you and your business and whatever else we need to know. #sbbuzz
TraceyHolinka: Hi. I?m a web designr/developr @chaostoclarity. I show small biz & freelancers how 2 take advantage of the web. #chaostoclarity #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Hi – I’m Scott and I work on the @batchblue Customer Experience Team. I also blog about tech and music at various places. #sbbuzz
stellel: Hi, I’m Christelle… Another @batchblue staffer. Looking forward to the open mic format this evening! #sbbuzz
pmohara: Hi folks. It’s the same me it is every week. Intimate crowd tonight. Will make the karaoke portion more fun. :D #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Tonight is open mic night at #sbbuzz, so anyone can ask a question of the crowd.
sbbuzz: I’ll start us off with one from the archives – QUESTION: Where do you typically hear about new tech services and solutions? #sbbuzz
My_WebEvent: This is Steph with @My_WebEvent! Sorry I’m late! #sbbuzz
mentormarketing: I consume Mashable for new SM tools, it is my goto source. #sbbuzz
TraceyHolinka: A1: mainly blogs. is a great one. #sbbuzz
stellel: I often hear about new things on the twitters… :) #sbbuzz
TraceyHolinka: @mentormarketing Great minds think alike. I also like #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q1) Twitter, PR folks, and of course @webworkerdaily ;-) #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q1: I hear about the latest tech from the folks in my offuice. But I work with mostly geeks. #sbbuzz
stellel: Oh, and @scoblitz, of course… ;) #sbbuzz
pmohara: For blogs – @webworkerdaily, @techcrunch and @thesmallbusinessweb #sbbuzz
pmohara: What she said RT @stellel: Oh, and @scoblitz, of course… ;) #sbbuzz
My_WebEvent: @mentormarketing Good Evening! Nice to see you here! #sbbuzz
mentormarketing: @My_WebEvent Evening Steph how has the summer and the rebranding gone? #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Since no one is stepping up to the #sbbuzz mic, I am handing it over to @scoblitz Scott, any questions/thoughts for the crowd?
Zimana_: @smallbiztrends and @RamonRay are my first two sources, followed by @Mashable for social media #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz thanks so much for that ;-) #sbbuzz
stellel: @scoblitz Well, you are our go-to guy… ;) #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz One of my challenges right now is sheer volume of incoming messages. Even with gmail filtering I spend too much time there. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: RT @scoblitz: @sbbuzz One of my challenges right now is sheer volume of incoming messages. Even with gmail filtering I spend too much time there. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz So my question is how do you manage incoming information overload? #sbbuzz
mentormarketing: I don’t I drown, sink to the bottom, and them push up for a breathe RT @scoblitz: Info Overload #sbbuzz
TraceyHolinka: A2: I’ve started using gmail’s priority inbox. It helps some. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @TraceyHolinka me too – I think it will help a lot but I need to trust it first to know that I’m not missing important items. #sbbuzz
pmohara: #sbbuzz I recently got to inbox 50 & now won’t go to bed at night unless below that. I’m 2 days into this policy, so we’ll see if it lasts.
pmohara: @scoblitz @tracyholinka yes, I’m scared to try it. That’s what motivated me to do it manually, though #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @pmohara 2 days is good – they say it takes either 21, 23 or 30 days to make a habit (you know, depending on who you ask) #sbbuzz
TraceyHolinka: Another problem is multiple email accounts & multiple people monitoring them. I need a Hootsuite for email. #sbbuzz
Zimana_: @scoblitz @sbbuzz I use email to help confirm conversations — following threads reinforces follow up with people #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Anyone else with a topic they’d like discussed? If not, I’m going RIcky Lake again and pulling someone out of their seat. :) #sbbuzz
TraceyHolinka: @scoblitz Well at least we can switch back to a regular inbox. #sbbuzz
stellel: Pick me! Pick me! #sbbuzz
TraceyHolinka: Yeah, pick @stellel #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @TraceyHolinka For shared email something like Mailroom might be a good option – #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: @stellel Microphone flying through the air into your talented hands – hit it Lady C! :) #sbbuzz
stellel: I was reading this and I wonder how people handle being virtual or working outside of the office? Tips? #sbbuzz
TraceyHolinka: @scoblitz Thanks. Mailroom looks promising. #sbbuzz
Zimana_: @sbbuzz A question I have is to what degree data security impacted your sales or client relationships #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: RT @stellel: I was reading this and I wonder how people handle being virtual or working outside of the office? Tips? #sbbuzz
My_WebEvent: @stellel Our service was built for people to be able to meet virtually, collaborate, interact & not pay a fortune! We use us! #sbbuzz
TraceyHolinka: I’m one of those that prefer my home office w/ my Mac Pro. Until I get an iPad (I really need one @JoGolden) that’s where I’ll be. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz It’s a challenge – I’m going to start going in to the office a few days a week I think. #sbbuzz
My_WebEvent: @TraceyHolinka MacBook Pro anywhere is perfect! LOL #sbbuzz
pmohara: I found working entirely virtually too hard. Flexible time is a necessity, but I need the non-verbal communication, too. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q3) We use Skype a lot which helps. So much happens in those spare moments you aren’t privy too though. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Great question, though. Maybe more video would help? Or more people tweeting from the water cooler? #sbbuzz
pmohara: Have to check out @my_webevent, too! :) #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Final question – RT @Zimana_: @sbbuzz A question I have is to what degree data security impacted your sales or client relationships #sbbuzz
My_WebEvent: @pmohara Thanks! #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @TraceyHolinka I usually work from the home office but sometimes I can’t get myself there and just stay at home on the couch. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q4(or 5…) Data security is important. I think being clear and honest with your policy is key. #sbbuzz
TraceyHolinka: @scoblitz I do some of my best thinking on the couch. I have a PC laptop that I’m not so found of but I use it. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q5 I agree w/scoblitz that data security is important & esp if you’re working with client data. Check your vendor’s policies! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Thanks for trying out the new format tonight, folks. It is now Pitch Time. Please tell us a little about your business. #sbbuzz
TraceyHolinka: @chaostoclarity helps small biz & freelancers use social networking/media & the Web to grow their biz #chaostoclarity #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: If you’d like a once-a-week e-mail reminder of #sbbuzz (including the topic) sign up at #sbbuzz
My_WebEvent: We provide Audio/Video Broadcasting, Desktop Share, Webinar, Affiliate Program, more! Check us out! #sbbuzz
pmohara: Thanks all! Pamela here from @batchblue @traceyholinka – sorry we ran out of time for your solo! :) #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: #sbbuzz is a small business Twitter chat hosted each Tuesday night 8-9 PM ET by the folks from @batchblue Come again soon!
My_WebEvent: Nice chatting with you all! #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Thanks everyone – nice chat tonight! #sbbuzz
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