Small Business Summit 2011 & International Women’s Day

Some of the #sbbuzz bees are in NYC today for the annual Small Business Summit hosted by Ramon Ray (@ramonray) and Marion Banker. It is the best small business technology focused conference of the year, and the event that we launched the #sbbuzz Twitter chat at 2 years ago. And it’s not too late to join in the action remotely!

This year I have been invited to join a panel discussion on the topic of exponential growth. I went to the speakers dinner last night and the very posh Delmonico’s restaurant and had the opportunity to talk with a number of event sponsors and other event speakers. It is an exciting and impressive group that will be speaking today. I’ll report back some of the more interesting points.

As I was heading to bed last night, I read through my blog reader and discovered another exciting event happening just a few blocks away (this is NYC!). Google is hosting a series of “bridge events” around the world today to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. Here in New York a group of women will be marching across the Brooklyn Bridge into the Manhattan and celebrating at a festival City Hall Park.

And since I am the multi-tasking female CEO of an exponentially growing technology company, I figured I had to hit both events. Pictures and blog posts to come.

Pamela O’Hara
Co-founder, SBBuzz

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